The story about supernatural phenomena

One Sunday morning I had a math contest. I solved four tasks and came home then. When I got there I took my draft which I used at the contest and tried to solve the fifth task when I felt hunger. I went to my kitchen and ate some food.
After that I came back to my table and realized that there was no draft on it. I had been looking for it for about ten minutes but found nothing. «Strange things happen in my home», I thought and decided to listen to music. I had already turned on my computer and opened a play list when I heard nothing. The sound columns in my Win Amp were jumping up and down but there was no sound coming from my audio system. I stopped the playing and looked at the back of my computer. I saw the contacts from the audio system hanging in the air, not connected to the sound card.
I found it very strange, plugged them into their places and continued to listen when, after some time, the music stopped and I could only hear the sound as if somebody tried to unplug the aforesaid contacts. I looked at the back of the computer again and saw there a small green man romping with contacts. I took my club hammer, aimed at the man and… boom… flattened him out. The small green splashes appeared everywhere: on my table, walls of my room, floor, etc and one splash hit my eye, so I couldn’t see and, finally, I fainted.
After some time I woke up in my room, saw my mother; «What’s this?», she asked pointing at the splashes on the walls.

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The story about supernatural phenomena