Choosing the future profession

Choosing the future profession.
Very soon a very big and important part of my life will be over. I am leaving the gymnasium. And the closer it gets the more thoughts and recollections come to my mind. It is the period of my life, when I have to choose the future profession.
Choosing a career and getting a job are two of the most important things any person does in his life. Before young people finish school all of them think that they will choose a profession they want. But later all of them understand that choosing a profession or a career is a very serious problem. So when young people leave school, they face that problem. If pupils want to achieve their purpose, they should use the opportunity for promotion in the early age. The young people have to know that if they don’t think about their future life earlier, it will be too difficult to think about it later. It is an advantage to choose a future career while being at school because it gives a goal in your studies and enables to choose a right, suitable course of study.
There are several factors that influence the decision of young people to make their choice/ they concern material and spiritual aspects of the future profession. It is generally believed that professions should be both prestigious and interesting. Everybody wants to benefit from the social privileges provided by the profession. At the same time other factors are important. Much depends on the inclinations and interests of the person. Another important factor in social environment. The profession of the parents often in this or that way influences the future profession of their children. Today we have dynasties of physicians, historians, lawyers, economists, pilots and military officers. It is impossible to forget about the material aspect of the future profession. It indicates the level of the society’s values. Today all professions can be classified as prestigious or not prestigious. The problem of prestige is subjective. All the professions are very useful.
Today the most popular professions are lawyers and economists. These professions are prestigious. After graduating from Law and Economist Faculties it is possible to find good jobs. To be a designer is attractive too. This profession can fit creative people who know how to mike things around them look nice. For those young adults who choose the profession of a chemist, a mathematician or a physicist the determinant factor is not prestige but interesting and inclination. To be a biologist is very prestigious today, because the biologist are at the forefront of clonning. I think that to be a sociologist or psychologist very interesting and useful too. Psychologists try to help people to cope with their spiritual problems. Sociologists study the health o the society.
One of the most fashionable and prestigious professions today is that of computer operator. Although computers came into our life only in the 1960s they quickly gained around of the contemporary society having become its indispensable part.

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Choosing the future profession