My visit to the theatre

To begin with I*d like to say that the theatre is a great means of promoting culture among people. It*s often called » the Temple of Art » because it educates, relaxes, entertains and shows us how wonderful the world around us is. There is a great variety of theatres in Moscow and the most difficult things for the theatre — goers is to decide which theatre to go to. Some theatres are more popular with the public than others that*s why it*s almost impossible to get tickets when a good play is on. If you managed to get tickets, you will enjoy the performance from the very beginning to the end.
I*ll never forget my first visit to the Ballshoi Opera House. My friend and I wanted to see the famous ballet the Swan Lake by P. E. Chaikovsky, the great Russian composer. We bought the tickets in advance. It was an evening performance and we came half an hour before the show. We bought a play bill and find out what the cast was. We were glad to know that the leading parts were acted by the talented young dancers. Than my friend and I took our seats in stalls not far from the stage. Though it wasn*t the first night but there was a full audience at the theatre. Soon the lights went down and the curtain went up. As soon as the music started the public cheered enthusiastically and began to applaud.
From the very first minute I was deeply impressed by everything I saw on the stage and followed the play with the great interest. The setting and dancing were exelent. The customs were fine and the scenery and the music were brilliant. The ballet seemed to me as the beautiful fairy tale and the atmosfere was really magical. I couldn*t take my eyes off the stage. After the first act we went to look over the theatre. We saw boxes, the orchestra pit, the dress — circle and the gallery. There were many portraits of opera — singers and the ballet dancers on the walls of the foyer.
I was especially charmed by the » Small Swans* dance «. When the curtain fell of the end of the performance there was a storm of applause. The dancers were presented with flowers. The performance was a great success with the public. In a word my first visit to the Ballshoi Opera House gave me unforgettable impressions!

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My visit to the theatre