Stages of our life

Every day you get different gifts. What is your favourite gift? It’s today’s days, of course. Without the luckiest day in my life, there wouldn’t be today’s days. The day, when I appeared in this world was the luckiest day I’ve ever had. This is the best surprise and gift.
When we get our lives, we had the luckiest day. We got a lot of time for realization our dreams, enjoying some alone time, working on «seeing through walls, walking on water and flying». Actually, money, cars, yachts is nothing. An a-go-go telephone will make you happy only for some days. Things which make you truly happy will make you happy for along time.
Maybe, the second lucky day was, when I met my alter ego Yulia.
Life is so short, so why not to live it wisdom or at least try to learn the most we can about it. Simple things are the things, which make us smile, such as enjoying our friends, family, parents, taking care of them. «Life is a puzzle. Sometimes it makes us laugh. Sometimes it makes us cry.» The most stupid joke of life is that it will take more than a lifetime to understand everything about it.
We have four stages in life: childhood, teenage, adult life and old age. They can be compared to morning, afternoon, evening and night.
Childhood is like a morning, which is only the beginning. We have no troubles, problems or negative thoughts. During childhood you are so innocent and you have no worries and no responsibilities. If you had whatever you wanted during your childhood you were the luckiest.
Then there comes our teenage. We are free birds. It is like a beginning of the afternoon. It’s the time of disappointments, pain, new openings and knowledges.
Then comes adult life. The evening. For someone it is a good period to go out and enjoy, but for someone this period will bring work or something else and they won’t enjoys so catching evening.
Then finally just as in the night we go to sleep to take our rest, one day we have to take our permanent rest. Somebody will be lucky to have a peaceful death.
I will enjoy every stage of my life; every second until my retiring from this world.
Everyone has their own memories of their life, which they’ll treasure, which will bring them peace or sadness. There are a lot of moments, disappeared from our memories.
You’ll decide yourself, which of these periods is the most or the less enthralling for you. I think that all of them have their own peculiarities.
While our life is flowing like a stormy river, we don’t understand that similarly quickly it will flow to the end. And when it will come to the end, we won’t have time to realize it. Someone will proudly reach to the end and will go away worthy. Someone will say goodbye to the world quite early.
Every moment, every day, every year, every period must be valued as hard as it’s all that you have. Time flies too quickly.

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Stages of our life