Russian holidays

To begin with I*d like to say that every country has its own customs, traditions and holidays. Some of the holidays are celebrated all over the world. Of course, it*s impossible to enumerate all the holidays. But I*d like to tell you about the most important and traditional in Russia.
There are two the most popular holidays in Russia: New Year and Christmas. New Year holiday is favourite holiday especially with children. The children believe that presents are sent by Father Frost and Snowmaden. We have the New Year day on 1 January. Before New Year we decorate the New Year tree with illumination and Christmas toys. On the night of 31 December I always stay at home with my parents. At 12 o*clock we say » Happy New Year!» and give presents to each other.
Christmas in Russia is celebrated on the 7 of January in the Orthogfs Church and on the 25 of December by Catholics. The holiday is connected with the wonderful birth of Jesus Christ as it is described in the Whole Bible. The Christmas tree is decorated with Christmas toys, candles, apples and sweets. People wish each other » Merry Christmas!».
Easter is a very popular holiday in Russia in memory of reserection of Jesus Christ. Easter has no fixed date. It*s the first Sunday after the 21 March.
The Day of Sovereignty of Russia is celebrated on the 12 of June. We have no special way of celebrating it but it is a day of and a national holiday.
The 8 of March is the womens* day. On this day men give women flowers and do all domestic work around the house.
The first May is a great international worker holiday. On this day people from other countries show their solidarity.
9 of May is a victory day is a great holiday. The 9 of May was the happy day for the people of Russia who won the war over fashizm from 1941-1945. It is celebrated with the veterans of the army.
Constitutional Day is celebrated of the 12 of December. All the rights and duties of the Russian people are stated in the Constitution. » One of the greatest right is to learn and one of the greatest duties is to defend our countries.

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Russian holidays