Dear Sir

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my disapproval of the Town Council’s excision to build a shopping centre in le centre of our historic town. I totally disagree with this decision firstly I believe it will have negative effects on our town.
Because such a huge building will completely ruin the appearance of our town because it will not be in harmony with the existing buildings. As a result, the town will lose the traditional atmosphere that it has today.
So as to during the evening hours, the shopping centre will probably be used as a skateboarding arena by local youths who lack proper purpose-built facilities. Furthermore there will be nothing to attract adult members of the public to the town enter at night and this will create a big social problem in the area.
Lastly the existing local shops will be unable to complete with the shopping center’s appeal to the shopper and will eventually go out of business. Clearly, this will add to the social problems in the form of unemployment and the result will be that
Eddington will become a ghost town. I hope my comments will be taken into consideration by the Town
Council and that it will reconsider its decision consequently avoids the social and architectural disaster that I believe is just waiting
I happen.
Yours faithfully,
Stephanie Mayer

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Dear Sir